lunes, 7 de abril de 2014



Watch the video above and complete the activities below with the information required in each case.

Since the year ______________, SID has been celebrated on the second __________ of the second ________ of the second _________ of the ___________.
SID stands for S__________ I __________________ D _________.
"SID promotes ___________ and _________ ______________ use of online technology, now including _________________ Internet".
SID was born in ______________________ and has spread rapidly.
How many countries celebrate it worldwide now?
SID has dealt with topics like __________________________ or ____________ ________________.
They encourage ___________________, institutions, _______________ and partners to celebrate SID and organize their own ______________ and ______________________.
"The online world is a unique arena where people from all _________ can learn together and from each other, especially regarding ____________ _________________. Whether you are _________, ___________ or ________ years old, whether you use the Internet ________ a month or several __________ a _______, each person can add something different that can help shape our _______ experiences and our ___________."
On their website you can find __________ and resources on how to get _________________.

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